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Self Drive Minibus Hire

In a number of ways, you could say that the "flagship service" of Minibus Hire Ashford would be our minibus hire with a driver. However, do not make the mistake of thinking that is all we can offer, because you would be wrong. We also offer airport minibus services as well as coach hire. But if you want something different where you can feel you are still in full control of your trip, we have the self drive minibus hire service for you.

In this service, the only role of Minibus Hire Ashford is to provide you with a minibus that is in excellent running condition. We will not provide the driver; that would be left entirely up to you. In your group, you may have someone who is a skilled and competent driver and who knows his way around Ashford quite well. If you do, you can pick him as your designated driver. Of course we would have to be given the assurance that our precious minibus will be left in capable and caring hands. Once you have convinced us of that, then we will have no qualms entrusting the minibus to you.

But why is a self drive minibus preferred by some people? A number of reasons, actually. As mentioned earlier, there are people who want to feel that they are the one with the power during the trip, going wherever they please at their own pace. However, aside from that, another reason would be the comfort that people derive in keeping things "in the family" or in the group, as the case may be. Let's face it: people's personalities differ, and this includes the level of comfort they have in sharing enclosed spaces with complete strangers. If they choose a minibus with driver, they will only be meeting the driver for the first time, so trust could be quite difficult to come by.

Minibus Hire Ashford also respects privacy highly. There are groups that prefer to keep certain things private and if they have another driver among them, they might not feel comfortable talking about a few things. There may even be some matters that they would not be able to discuss freely for fear that another person could hear them. Businessmen find this a huge plus because if they choose the self drive minibus, they can maintain the confidential nature of their business dealings.

If you are afraid that this will cost you a lot, then don't. Minibus Hire Ashford offers the cheapest minibus hire rates in town, so you will actually even have savings if you choose us. It is not often that you get to pay minimal rates for a stylish minibus of the latest model, crafted by the top car makers in the industry. On top of that, you wouldn't even have to pay additional fees for the fact that these minibuses come with their own drink coolers and entertainment systems. They come with the entire package, along with sliding roofs and ultra-comfortable leather reclining seats.

For you other non-transport-related concerns, you can also rely on Minibus Hire Ashford to look into them for you. You want to look for more affordable accommodations, perhaps? You probably even want to check out the most hopping bar or most popular restaurant in town. Well, do not hesitate to approach any of our staff, and tell them exactly what you need. If you also need help in filling holes in your itinerary, we are the best people to approach because we know which parts of Ashford you should visit.

If you make Minibus Hire Ashford you partner during your trip, you will definitely never go wrong.

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